B&H Celebrates 50 Years!

Thank you for making Bild Expo an unforgettable celebration in every way. We look forward to serving as your creative partner for another 50 years!

For half a century B&H has helped you bring your creative visions to life.
Join us as we look forward to supporting creative excellence for the next 50 years and beyond.

It all started in 1973...

Our Core Values

At B&H, we truly live by our core brand values. We believe that if we live up to our principles, our business will succeed.
And so far, history has proven that belief correct.

Be Honest

Integrity is our cornerstone. In everything we do, we do the right thing. Period.

Put the Customer First

We take care of the customer however we can—it’s the focal point of our business.

Love the Craft

Our experts love to support your creativity.  That’s what makes us tick!

Our Customers


Looking Ahead

What will the next 50 years bring? AI-powered cameras? Blink to purchase? We’re not fortune tellers: we just love living at the intersection of technology and creativity—and we plan on calling it home indefinitely!