Thank you for making Bild Expo an unforgettable celebration in every way. We look forward to serving as your creative partner for another 50 years!

Bild Expo Photo Challenge

Gear Packing Competition

Who can pack a camera bag the fastest, with all gear fitting correctly? Show off your equipment management skills in a friendly competition! 

Reflector Folding Race

Are you adept at manipulating reflectors swiftly? This timed race will put your photo assisting skills to the test. Unpack and repack various sized reflectors as quickly as you can! 

Tripod Quick-Draw Dash

Time is crucial in photography, and in this contest, speed is king. The contestant who sets up a tripod and levels a camera the fastest claims victory! 


Victory tastes sweet, and so do the rewards at the Bild Expo Photo Challenge. Win three times in a row and receive a $50 B&H Gift Card. 


  1. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

  1. Participants play only one of the three challenges (Gear Packing Competition, Reflector Folding Race, or Tripod Quick Draw: pick one.)

  2. Participants play a round. If they win they proceed to the next round and so on until the third round. Each round is played against a new opponent. Winning the third round will win complete the Bild Challenge!

  3. The B&H referee's decision is final when declaring winners. 

  4. Players must present their Show Pass and get it hole-punched once they participate in a game. 

  1. A contestant must win three rounds in a row to win a $50 B&H Gift Card. 

  1. B&H reserves the right to alter or discontinue this contest at any time.

Join the Bild Expo Photo Challenge and make your mark in this exciting photographic competition!